Climbing gear and equipment

Good equipment is extremely important to the success, enjoyment, comfort and safety of your climb. We suggest that you only bring the essentials because excessive packing is a problem for you as well as for the team of porters who accompany you. Your travel bag should be limited to 15kg. Please consult the list of the following items to take with you. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or just for advice.

We simply offer the best that nature has to show. Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s peak, and is in a unique environment in the world. The weather conditions are very variable, as much from one point to another of the tracks, from dawn to dawn. Despite the fact that it is difficult to predict the weather, our expertise allows us to recommend certain equipment and clothing to maximize your comfort. The temperature above 2,500 m / 8,000 ‘varies between 15 ° C and 25 ° C (60 ° F and 80 ° F), while at night the mercury dives below 0 ° C (32 ° F) .


  • Travel bag, 35cm x 70cm (14 “”x 30″”) with locking, max. 15kg, identified (big enough to hold your sleeping bag and your clothes, this bag will be carried by the porters)
  • Travel bag, identified (for your regular clothes, this bag will be left at the hotel)
  • Backpack from 24L to 32L (1,500 cu³ to 2000 cu³), max. 5kg, identified

    Base layer

    • Normal underwear (from 4 to 7, suggested synthetic materials because it is lighter, easier to wash and faster to dry)
    • Lightweight clothing – long-sleeved top and sticky stockings (suggested synthetic materials, polyester, wool or synthetic)


    • Turtleneck or long-sleeved shirt
    • Long sleeve sweater

Jackets / Vests

  • Long sleeved or wool synthetic vest
  • Warm synthetic coat (padded 10-12oz or 15-20oz)
  •  Waterproof windproof Gore-tex jacket that breathes properly
  • Resistant and waterproof poncho to protect the backpack and photographic equipment


  • Hiking pants (light, loose and preferably dark)
  • Overpants (synthetic, velvet or light wool, loose and preferably dark)
  • Gore-tex rain / wind pants
  • Walking shorts (preferably synthetic)


  • Wide-brimmed sunhat (preferably ones with under-chin laces to cope with strong wind) and sunscreen
  • Hood with facial protection (synthetic or wool)
  • Scarf (as sunscreen and sponge for sweat)

Gloves / Mitts

  • Gloves (synthetic or wool)
  • Waterproof mittens
  • Silk gloves


  • Thermal bottom (synthetic or wool)
  • Synthetic sports socks (for the tropical portion of the expedition)
  • Synthetic stockings


  • Hiking boots (preferably rigid, leather and waterproof)
  •  Shoes / sneakers (for the camp)


  • Leggings (to keep your feet free from dust)

Sleeping bag

  •  Partition sleeping bag (4 seasons or certified -20 ° C)
  •  Inflatable mattress

Other Clothes

  • Bath costume (for the pool at the hotel)
  •  Regular evening/city clothes
  •  Sandals

Other Important Items

  • 2 water bottles of 1L or 1.5L of robust material
  •  Toiletry kit (soap, toothpaste, deodorant, …)
  •  Towel
  •  Small towel (a sarong in turn)
  •  A roll of toilet paper
  •  Insect repellent (suggested level: 35% Deet)
  •  Elastic bandage (in case of knee / ankle pain)
  •  Sunglasses (side protection and absorption 85% of UV)
  •  Prescription glasses or contact lenses (emergency pair)
  •  Sunscreen, lip protection (SPF> 15)
  •  Alpine sun protection (Zinc oxide, SPF> 30+)
  •  Moisturizing cream (small tube, for sunburn)
  •  Flashlight or headlamp (for after sunset activities)
  •  Small flashlight with spare batteries
  •  Soap / cleansing gel without rinsing (or wet towels)
  •  Plastic bags of various sizes (suggested ziploc bag for camera / electronics)
  •  Nylon bag for compaction (to reduce the volume of vest / vest large)
  •  Robust trash bag
  •  First aid kit and dressings

Other Optional Items

  •  Telescopic sticks (ski poles)
  •  Water purification tablets
  •  Sewing kit for repair (needle, threads, pins)
  •  Multi-purpose pocket knife
  •  Reading material, note book, pencils
  •  Energizing powder (to enhance the taste of water)
  •  Favorite snacks (avoid melting chocolate)
  •  Hearing / ear protection (some snoring at altitude)